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Our mission began in 2011 when Jim Sullivan fell 18 feet from his bow hunting tree stand. Miraculously, he survived the fall, but sustained numerous injuries, resulting in paraplegia. While spending months in the hospital recovering, Jim began searching the web for information that would allow him to get back to the active outdoor lifestyle that he loved. So little was available that our concept of “POWER TO PURSUE” was developed.

We want your input, we want your participation, we want to provide you with information, locations, gear reviews, and helpful tips and tricks that allow you to pursue the outdoor activities of your choice. The thoughts, opinions, and knowledge on this site are the product of one man’s journey into the woods and through a life-changing event, back to the woods and water again. We invite you to share your love for the outdoors, become part of this community and help connect people of like passion and like disability to one another so we can all share the




Jim grew up in Michigan where he fueled his passion for hunting, fishing, and all of the great year round outdoor activities the state afforded. This year commemorated Jim’s 52nd year hunting whitetail deer. Much of our hunting, fishing, and product testing is conducted at Buck Point Farm in Jackson County, Michigan. The farm is a Quality Deer Management Area (QDMA) property and maintained with fully accessible wheelchair paths and ground blinds. Jim’s passion for the outdoors has taken him across the country and into several countries to pursue wild game of fur, fins, and feathers. Jim continues to explore and travel seeking accessible environments that will be shared and featured on through Accessible Outdoors. 

JIM SULLIVAN has put me in contact with many people who all share the same things in life. We all love the outdoors, hunting, fishing, wildlife conservation, our country, faith, and families. But that is not all we share.  Many of us are paraplegic or quadriplegic, suffer with excruciating non-stop pain, pain medication that has little effect, multiple hospital stays and surgeries, post-traumatic stress disorders, traumatic brain injury, loss of control of your body, and the loss of freedom by being confined to a wheelchair.

For many, they find themselves slipping into a very dark place. When others say that they can just imagine what you are going though, they really don’t have a clue. I write this as an invitation to help others. I have been there and rolled on the same path. People can often benefit from a kind word of encouragement from those who truly understand, empathize, and are living a similar nightmare.

If you know someone in need, someone that I could help by talking with them, please send me their contact information. I will call them immediately and we can discuss all things that matter. You can reach me by filling out the contact form.


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