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The "Outfitters" page will provide you with an overview of places to hunt, fish, and enjoy the outdoors with full accessibility.

American Hunting Outfitters

Rio Bonito Ranch - Junction, TX

Contact: Gwen Hughes Rickard 800-864-4303

 The ranch has ramps to get you to all locations and offer handicap hunts.  They also have one-on-one guide services available.

High Adventure Ranch - Cook Station, Missouri 


Ranch has accessible accommodations at their lodge, cabins are also available.  High fence hunting offered year around at reasonable rates.

Stone Ledge Ranch - Junction, TX

 Contact: Alan Warren  210-342-6520

Owned by TV and radio personally Alan Warren, lodge has accessible rooms and facilities. Ranch has all large ground      blinds.

Beaver Head Outfitters - Winston, New Mexico 

Contact: Jack Diamond  575-772-5795

 The Diamond family have been in business for over 35 years and have a lot of experience with disabled hunters.

The Elk Ranch - Castle Rock, CO 

Contact: Keith@ 

  The lodge and hunting blinds are all accessible and have experience with disabled hunters.

If you have an accessible outfitter/guide service

or an accessible outdoor destination that you would like featured on the site, please contact Jim and become part of our growing community!

Mariposa Ranch - Falfurrias, TX  

 Contact: Sullivan’s at 361-325-5752 

   Large ranch has four lodges on site and offer a variety of facilities and services.

Quinlan Ranch- Chama, New Mexico

Contact at 575-209-1618

Located in the spectacular Chama Valley of the San Juan Mountains, the ranch has over 17,000 acres of hunting land     that thousands of       elk migrate though each year. The lodge has two rooms that are set up to be totally accessible       for the disabled hunter. The guides have     experience working with hunters in wheelchairs and have blinds on               waterholes that are accessible.

Texas Hog Hunts - Gonzales, TX

 Contact: 409-370-3137  

    Low cost hog hunting,  added new lodge in 2002, also have private cabins.

Elk Quest- Durango, Colorado

Contact at 970-749-4647

   Ranch has 1500 acres of prime hunting habitat that is 15 miles west of the town of Durango. Hunters stay at a main      street hotel that has accessible accommodations. Guides are experienced professionals that have hunted with                sportsman with physical limitations.

African Safari Outfitters

Oelofse Safaris- Namibia

Contact at:

    Jan Oelofse Hunting Safaris is one of the most renowned and professional hunting outfits you will find in Namibia.         Each year since 1992 the Oelofse family has donated a hunt to a disabled hunter thru the SCI Pathfinder Award. Their PH Rudie specializes in assisting hunters in wheelchairs.

Numzaan Safaris

Contact at:

    Numzaan Safaris is a family run operation and has an exceptional love and passion for nature, conservation, and            hunting. As a leading outfitter in South Africa, they run 5 lodges with all of them accessible. They are a long time              contributor to the SCI Pathfinder program and have experience in hosting chairbound clients.



is dedicated to providing people with disabilities helpful information that will make enjoying the outdoors easier.

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