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Quaker Boy Outline Buster

This last year at the Shot Show in Las Vegas we came across this item that will let you hunt anywhere from your wheelchair.  The set-up only takes seconds and you’re totally hidden!  It folds up to fit in your vest or pack.  To use, you just pull it over your head and roll it out over you and your chair.  When done, just roll it back up over your head and your ready to go.  Great for deer or turkey, this camouflage pull over will allow you to stay mobile and hunt areas that you never had a blind in. Quaker Boy has utilized effective 3-D camo technology and used quality craftsmanship on this great product. 

The X-8 Extreme wheel chair in action as Jim retrieves a buck during muzzle loading season!

Able Outdoors Magazine 

This is a new publication that features fun in the outdoors for the handicapped.  Hunting, fishing, travel, gear, and outdoor adventure will all be featured in this three times per year magazine.  I just got my first issue and I am very impressed.  It’s a very good read with lots of info. Get your subscription at the link below:

Magic Mobility X-8 Extreme Wheelchair 

I have used the X-8 chair for four hunting seasons now and have been very impressed!  Some of the places that I have put this chair though its paces include up and down mountains in Arizona, beach fishing in Florida, fly fishing from lake shores, deer hunting in the snow, and turkey hunting in all conditions. To date, this chair has never let me down.  The X-8 Extreme wheelchair features true independent 4-wheel drive with an individual electric motor for each wheel. Not only does this give the X-8 incredible power to traverse all types of terrain, it also provides the X-8 with an incredibly tight turning radius. 


 The X-8 can go over terrain rougher then I care to negotiate.  The knobby tires will pull you though most any thing. So much so that friends and family have affectionately  come to know this chair simply as "The Beast." The seating is excellent. You can sit all day in this chair and still be very comfortable. The seat will raise and lower electronically and the seat back will tilt manually.  


While this is a great high-performing off-road wheelchair, it isn't without some drawbacks. The Extreme X-8 is pricey with an MSRP for stock models just over $15,000. You could buy two competitors chairs for the price of one X-8 Extreme.  I am very fortunate to have family and friends who put on a fund raising dinner to purchase this chair for me and for that, I will forever be grateful!  In addition to price, I find that the reverse gear is tough to use while backing up. To help make backing up easier, we purchased the "lock-out option" to assist. However, even with this feature, backing up in a straight line can be a challenge.


The X-8 Extreme Wheelchair is a fun ride that I use everyday on the farm. I am hopeful to take the X-8 west on my next elk hunt and really see what it can do! I would strongly recommend to the X-8 Extreme despite it's price tag to anyone who is looking for a capable off road wheelchair. 


In the near future, I hope to provide you with a review of the Action Track Wheelchair and to provide you with a side-by-side comparison of the Action Track vs. The X-8 Extreme


You can find more information about the X-8 power wheelchair at the pages below:

X8 Extreme Details 
Innovation in Motion 
Magic Mobility

Push Button Grabber

Not every piece of equipment that helps your everyday pursuits needs to be fancy or expensive. This neat little grabber will go anywhere and comes in very handy when you drop your glove. You can find them in any auto supply store or auto department in a big box store. If your like me, so stiff that you can’t touch your toes, it’s amazing how many times a day you drop things. This grabber will roll up to fit in your coat pocket or pack and always be at your finger tips. I never go into the woods without one of these clever devices. 


If you can't find a grabber locally, you can find one on Amazon here: Push Button Grabber on Amazon

Primos Trigger Sticks

Stabilizing your firearm or crossbow from a wheelchair can often prove challenging for disabled shooters. A very convenient solution that I have found are the Primos Trigger Sticks. I've long trusted Primos for the quality of their great calls and accessories, the Trigger Stick is no exception. Available in mono-, duo-, and tri-leg configuration there are options to suite your shooting preference. In all models the legs telescope when not in use then rapidly deploy with the "trigger" release. 


I prefer the mono-leg configuration that is light, easy to carry, and and quick to deploy while still providing a stable shooting platform.  



Primos Shooting Sticks

Barnett Penetrator Crossbow

Not every Ever since the accident, I have not been able to archery hunt with a traditional bow. Hunting Michigan’s archery seasons with a crossbow has allowed me to continue to enjoy the early and late season whitetail hunts. Having tried several crossbow manufacturers and models, I’ve recently enjoyed shooting the Barnett Penetrator. I initially looked into switching from my previous TenPoint Crossbow to the Penetrator for increased speed and the design of the cranking device.


I previously had a “slip over” the stock cranking device that was effective, but cumbersome to work with. The optional Barnett cranking device mounts directly into the stock and is very easy to use and stows away nicely.

In addition to the Penetrators speed, throwing bolts up to 350 fps, and the integrated cranking device; I have also come to appreciate the compact riser and limb configuration. When rolling out to the blind and while in the blind, I appreciate the compact size. While the size is a benefit, the Penetrator is not light – especially when outfitted with the optional cocking device.


In 2015, the Penetrator was incorporated into the “Carbonlite” crossbow lineup including the RAZR, Ghost, and BCX Xtreme Ultralite models. For 2016, the Ghost 415 Revenant – comes out in mossy oak treestand and shooting a blazing 415 fps. The carbon riser is sure to help with weight, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these new crossbows. I strongly encourage anyone looking to enjoy archery season with a crossbow to check out Barnett:


Barnett Crossbows

2016 Barnett Ghost 415 Revenant

Pro Tracker Recovery System

Rarely do you find a device that is so good that you do not want to hunt without it. I have found one and that is the Pro Tracker Recovery System. This system consists of a transmitter that attaches to your arrow and a receiver that picks up the signal from the transmitter that sticks to the side of the animal. By the transmitter staying on the outside of the hide the arrow is free to pass on though the animal. The transmitter and the carrier only weigh 100 grains and you compensate for this by taking 2 inches off the end of the arrow. The unit has very little effect on the flight of the arrow. The set comes with 2 practice transmitters so that you can make any small adjustments that may be needed to your sights.


As a disabled hunter I often hunt alone but then need help recovering my trophy. Heavy brush and fences will stop a wheelchair very fast. By the time help arrives it may be several hours. With Pro Tracker you can go straight to the animal. Light rain and no blood trail is not a problem. The system has a range of up to 2 miles and will hold a power charge for 10 to 12 hours. There is not any larger heartbreak in the woods than getting what you think is a good hit and then not be able to recover the animal. I have used Pro Tracker on everything from turkeys to elk and have never had a problem. When you use Pro Tracker Recovery System you go with the confidence of knowing that you will find

and recover your trophy. Check out their web site and it will answer all of your questions. This is a must have for any hunter.

To see the video of my last elk hunt with a crossbow using Pro Tracker check out the home page of Accessible Outdoors.Org. The u-tube video shows the Pro Tracker in action.

EZ Hunt and Haul

Mobile Hunting Blind

I have used the EZ Stealth Hunting Blind now for four seasons and its performance has been fantastic.  The blind is totally mobile.  It sits on its own trailer base that is capable of highway travel.  It will haul your ATV on a rack that fits over the folded down blind so you arrive at your hunting grounds ready to go.  We pull it around the farm with a tractor or Polaris Ranger.  The biggest advantage for us is that when the mature bucks change to their late season travel patterns, you too can change with them.  Because of its tight construction, once inside you are nearly scent proof.  I have had bucks pass within five years of me and never know that I was there.  Mature bucks will circle downwind and will not scent you.  Last season I had a doe pass so close that she rubbed against the corner of the blind.


As a wheelchair bound hunter, I love the way the ramp extends from the door.  I can drive my chair straight up it and into the blind.  Entry and exit is easy and quiet.   The blind has enough room inside that it is easy to turn around and get into position to shoot.  Dry, warm, mobile, and scent free.  What more can you ask for?  We have had so much fun with this stand that we have to be careful not to over hunt it in any one location.  I have found one drawback however.  On a rainy, cold morning you better arrive early…you may just find your hunting buddies enjoying the comfort and convenience of your EZ Stealth Mobile Hunting Blind!


FISH WINCH® adaptive fishing reel drives for spinning reels along with the Shimano Quick Fire II system allow for easy one-handed casting & retrieving. FISH WINCH® electric spinning reel drives are cordless, easy to use, weigh only 10oz (includes 9V lithium battery), and are available in 3 retrieve speeds for various styles of fishing and lure presentation.

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